Marble, Travertine, & Granite Ready to Use Cleaner “INTERCARE”

Marble, Travertine, & Granite Ready to Use Cleaner “INTERCARE”




A PH-neutral, stone safe, cleaner designed for regular cleaning of marble, granite, travertine, slate, terrazzo, concrete, and other types of natural and man-made materials.

MARBLELIFE’S “Marble, Travertine & Granite READY TO USE CLEANER” delivers a non-acidic detergent and surfactants to dissolve the oils and debris trapped inside, which may then be wiped away streak-free. Eliminating the oils and debris from your stone’s pores allows your surface to shine with all of its natural beauty. 100% Stone Safe.

Convenient & Economical
MARBLELIFE’S “Marble, Travertine and Granite Cleaner” comes Ready-To-Use in this Easy-To-Use spray bottle.

1. Spray on surface.
2. Wipe dry.

For problem areas, spray on and let set for 5-7 minutes then wipe dry.
For heavily soiled areas, agitation may be necessary.