Stone & Tile Cleaner Concentrate “INTERCARE” – Quart

Stone & Tile Cleaner Concentrate “INTERCARE” – Quart


Marble & Stone Safe Streak-free Ready -To-Use Cleaner


A PH-neutral, stone safe, cleaner designed for regular cleaning of marble, granite, travertine, slate, terrazzo, concrete, and other types of natural and man-made materials. MARBLELIFE’S Stone & Tile Cleaner penetrates deep into the pores of the surface to dissolve oils and debris trapped inside. Non-acidic detergent and surfactants will not etch stone or bleach grout. Streak free. 100% Stone Safe.


1.Mix 2 ounces of cleaner per gallon of clean water for general cleaning.
2. Damp mop area and let dry.


Available in quart size – $29.95, gallon – $69.95